The Mystery Of Medical Coding

Medical coding is the first step in the medical billing process. When a patient receives treatment in a doctor’s office, the proper medical codes must be assigned in order to bill the patient or the insurance company. But which medical codes should be assigned in any given case? That’s where your medical coder comes in. […]

Purchasing a Commercial Condo

Are you ready to purchase a commercial condo for your medical practice? A commercial condo offers a variety of benefits for medical entrepreneurs in private practice or partnerships. Unlike other types of real estate, where up to 35% of the property cost must be put down in cash, medical professionals can purchase a commercial condo […]

Patient Education

Education is an important part of cultivating lasting relationships with your patients. In the Information Age, patients have more options than ever for obtaining information about their health, their medical insurance, and all of the areas that impact their relationship with you, their physician. In order to help your patients make informed decisions, you need […]

What Is Practice Succession Planning?

Practice succession planning is needed whenever a physician, whether it’s you, a partner, or a colleague, decides to leave your medical practice.

The Medical Coding Company That Could

Choosing an experienced medical coding company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your medical practice. A good medical coding company will prevent delays, mistakes, and rejected claims in your medical billing. When choosing a medical coding company, it’s important to find an experienced company that focuses solely on medical coding. […]

How to Determine a Timeline to Open Your Medical..

So you’re ready to open your own medical practice. Congratulations! But how can you tell if you’re just ready in theory, or if you’re actually ready to admit your first patient or client? The key to opening the doors to your very own practice is to determine a realistic timeline that will set you and […]

How To Choose The Right Corporate Structure For Your Medical Practice

Do you know what type of corporate structure is best for your medical practice? From S-Corps and C-Corps to LLCs, deciding how to structure your business is no small task. The right choice will provide substantial tax benefits and protect you from certain liabilities, while the wrong choice could result in higher taxes and responsibilities […]

How to Create a Draft of the Employee Handbook

Creating a great employee handbook sets the stage for thriving employee relationships within your medical practice. While there are many areas that could and should be included in your employee handbook, here are a few of the most important: The history of your practice and your personal business philosophy Clear details about their “at will […]

How To Choose A Medical Transcription Company

Deciding to outsource your medical transcription needs to an outside company is a cost-effective way to streamline operations within your medical practice. When choosing a good medical transcription company, there are several things to watch out for. First, make sure the company offers phone support during the hours you need it most. A company that […]