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Missouri Medical Licensing Service

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Missouri Medical Board

Instructions for Physician Application

Attached are the materials you will need to make an application for licensure to practice the healing arts in the State of Missouri. It is suggested that you read this instructions sheet before beginning the process.

Your Application Packet Consists of:

  • These instructions:
  • Postgraduate Reference Form;
  • Malpractice Claim Information Form:
  • Armed Forces of the United States Form:
  • Your Application Packet Consists Of:
  • Application
  • Verification of Hospital Affiliation Form
  • Original Documents Form (International graduates only).


Prior to completing the application, you should read the statutes and rules governing physicians in the State of Missouri. These are located on our website at https:/

All persons receiving a license trom, or renewing a license with the Division of Professional Registration, are required to have paid all Missouri state income taxes, and also are required to have filed all necessary Missouri state income tax returns for the preceding three years. If you have failed to pay your Missouri taxes or have failed to file your Missouri tax returns. Your license will be subject to immediate suspension within 90 days of being notified by the Missouri Department of Revenue of any delinquency or failure to file.

In addition to the materials you are required to submit, the Board makes independent inquiries into your background. You should allow a minimum or 30 days to the processing or your application once the board has received all documents. When your application is received and processed, you will be notified via email or how to check the status of your application online. Additionally, the Board can request that you appear before them prior to issuing your license. 


All physician licenses expire on January 31. Please remember this date so vou can allow time for your renewal to be processed. Information on renewing your license will be mailed to you on or before December 1 of each year to the last known address on file. Failure to receive the renewal application does not relieve any person of the duty to register and pay the fee required to exempt them from the penalties for failure to renew. Therefore it is imperative that you notify the Board or any address change as soon as it occurs. If your license expires, you cannot practice in Missouri until your renewal is granted.

The tee for a license is $75. Please make checks payable to the Missouri Board of Healing Arts. All checks must be drawn on a United States bank because our bank doesn’t accept checks from International banks. No application will be processed until the fee is received. The Board cannot accept credit or debit cards for the payment of the initial application fee.

If you have ever served on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and separated from such service under conditions other than dishonorable; or If you are the spouse or an active duty member of the Armed Forces or the United States, you may qualify for additional services. If applicable, please complete the form Included in the application and return it with your application, along with verification or military status.

The Board cannot release information about our application (including status) or discuss your application without your permission. If you wish us to discuss your application with anyone, please list that person in item E on the application (Names of individuals with whom the Board is authorized to discuss your file).

  • Questions 1-9 – Include a separate statement/letter explaining the circumstances behind your “yes” answer. Documentation supporting your statement, if applicable (i.e. a settlement agreement from another state disciplining your license, documents showing probation in your postgraduate program, etc.) needs to be submitted directly from the state board, hospital, etc.
  • Question 10 – Include a separate statement/letter explaining the circumstances behind your “yes” answer and also submit a certified copy or the court records or have our attorney send the documents to the Board. The Board needs to receive a copy of the complaint/petition and judgment, settlement, or disposition.
  • Question 11 – Include a separate statement/letter explaining the circumstances behind your “yes” answer along with a copy or the charge (it may be called a petition, indictment, information, or complaint), and the judgment, sentence, or dismissal order, certified by the court or from your attorney.
  • Question 12 – Include a separate statement/letter explaining the circumstances behind your “yes” answer and documentation supporting that statement 
  • Question 13 – Please include a separate statement/letter explaining the circumstances behind your “yes” answer The statement/letter should include the names and addresses or the individuals and facilities which have treated you. Also please submit a letter from your current physician or treatment professionals indicating your diagnosis, prognosis, and If your Illness or condition affects your ability to practice.
  • Question 14 – Please complete the Malpractice Claim Information form in its entirety. Additional documentation may be required after review of the information provided. Please also list the number of claims in which you have been named in the space provided.

Please provide all medical and nonmedical activities since graduation from your medical/doctorate program, or from the past 10 years, whichever is less, to the present date in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.

All dates must be accounted for in the MM/YYYY format.

Please include complete names and addresses for each activity listed

If unemployed or on vacation for at least a month, list your exact activities.

Note: if there are dates not accounted for, you will be contacted by the Board to account for those dates.

Once your application is received and processed, you will be notified via email or now to check the status or your application online.

If you have questions after reading these instructions, you may call the Board office at 5/3-/51-Uugo or toll tree at 866-289-5/53 or email the Board at

  • Name Change – If you have had a name change for any reason, submit copies of the document evidencing the name change (Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Adoption Order, Court Order, or Naturalization Certificate).
  • Pre-Medical Transcripts – Official FINAL transcripts with school seal attached and degree awarded. from any pre-professional (undergraduate) program you attended
  • Medical Transcripts – Official FINAL transcripts with school seal affixed and degree awarded. from any medical or osteopathic school you attended.
  • Medical Diploma – A copy of your medical diploma (not larger than 8 ½ x11″)
  • Official Examination Scores – Your examination scores need to be sent directly to the Missouri Board of Healing Arts from one of the below agencies. Please see below for specific instructions regarding the different licensing examinations.
    • USMLE/FLEX: Request an official transcript at https: For assistance, call 817-868-4041 or email

    • NBME: Request our scores at For assistance. call 215-590-9500 or email


    • NBOME/COMLEX-USA: Request a certified copy of your official transcript at https:/ For assistance, call 866-479-6828 or email Client Services at clientservices@nbome.ore


    • State Board Examination: Request the state board or jurisdiction to send your state exam information directly to the board you are applying to for licensure. Most boards require a fee for this service. A director of state medical boards is available at


    • LMCC: Complete the Service Request form at http:/ media/service-request-form-z.pat. For assistance, call 613-520-2240 or email service@mcc

Postgraduate Reference Letter -The director of each training program vou have participated in must submit a Postgraduate Reference Form or letter directly to the Board One copy of this form is included in the application packet. Please print/make additional copies as necessary.


Verification of Licensure – If you have ever held a permanent, temporary or institutional license, permit or certificate in any state, territory or country to practice as a physician, dentist, nurse, physician assistant, or any other professions in which a license, permit or certificate was issued. The licensing agency must submit a verification of each to our office. The verification must be submitted directly from the licensing agency to our office. Some licensing agencies use a secure online verification portal however it is your responsibility to contact the licensing agency and advise them you are applying for a Missouri license. The Board accepts verifications from VeriDoc.


Hospital Affiliation Form – Each hospital where you have held active admitting privileges in the Us or Canada in the last five years must submit this form. This does not Include training hospitals. Please have the hospital submit the form directly to the Board


Photograph – A photograph no larger than 3 ½” x 5” be attached to the application in the space provided. Please do not staple or paperclip.

National Practitioners Data Bank Self-Query – Contact the National Practitioner’s Data Bank (NPDB) at 1-800-767-6732 or http:/ and perform a self-query. When you receive your self-querv. forward the original information to the Board by, tax 573-751-3166 or mail.

RECIPROCITY – If you answer “yes” to all of the questions on Section B. RECIPROCITY, and you:

  • Have not had your license revoked bv an oversight body outside the state:
  • Are not currently under Investigation;
  • Do not have a complaint pending;
  • Are not currently under disciplinary action with an oversight body outside the state;
  • Do not have a criminal record that would disqualify you for licensure in Missouri:
  • Are not licensed in another state pursuant to an interstate compact;

Then you may be eligible for a license via reciprocity. Reciprocity applicants are not required to submit examination scores, a copy of their medical school diploma, and official premedical and medical transcripts

FCVS – The Board accepts information from the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) for any applicant who wishes to use this service. The FCVS does NOT provide all of the documentation required for licensure. If you choose to use FCVS, the following information is usually included in the FCVS packet and NOT required to be submitted with your application as long as they are included in the FCVS.

  • Medical school diploma;
  • Postgraduate reference
  • NBME scores:
  • ECFMG Certification
  • FLEX/USMLE scores;(International graduates only)

The following information is required to be submitted IN ADDITION TO the CVS packet:

  • National Practitioner Data Bank
  • Hospital Affiliation
  • Copy of International Medical
  • Premedical transcripts;
  • Verification(s):
  • License if applicable).
  • State License Verification(s);

Missouri law (section 324.024, RSMo) requires submission of your social security number. If you are a citizen of a foreign country and do not have a social security number. you are required to submit your visa or passport number in lieu of the social security number. In this same law requires a social security number in order to renew your Missouri license

If you are sending original documents and need them to be returned, please fill out the “Original Documents Form

Provide proof of licensure in the country you graduated from unless you were in a Fifth Pathway program

ECFMG Certification Status Report: Request a Status Report to be sent to the board you are applying to for licensure at nttps:/ /. For assistance, call z15-386-5900 or email Canadian graduates are not required to submit an ECFMG Certificate

Fifth Pathway Applicants –  The training institute where the Fifth Pathway Program was completed must furnish a Postgraduate Reference Letter directly to this office

Transcripts and other documents must be translated into English by:

  • A professor of a language department in a college or university in the United States
  • The United States Embassy or Consulate in a foreign country
  • The document is a true translation to the best of their knowledge and
  • They are fluent in the original language and qualified to translate the document into English.
  • The translator must sign the translation and print their name and address on the translation.
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