There are several physician license categories in Massachusetts based on the stage of your education and career, as well as the role to be fulfilled while working in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Full License: A full license allows a physician to practice medicine independently. 

Limited License: A limited license is issued to physicians enrolled in postgraduate training programs in health care facilities in Massachusetts.  All such training must be done in ACGME or AOA accredited programs, or in a fellowship program in a training facility that conducts on its premises ACGME or AOA approved programs. A physician who holds or who has ever held a full Massachusetts license is not eligible for a limited license. A physician with a limited license is prohibited from “moonlighting” under any circumstances.

To request an application for a limited license, please contact the health care facility where the postgraduate training will occur. A limited license application must be signed by a designated official from the postgraduate training program prior to submission to the Board.

Temporary License: There are also several temporary license categories which may be granted by the Board, including: Temporary License for Faculty Appointment; Temporary License for Physician Coverage; Temporary License for Enrollment in Medical Education Course; and Temporary License for Short-Term Faculty Appointment.

License Fees

  • Initial Full License:  $600.00
  • Full License Renewal:  $600.00
  • Lapsed License Renewal:  $700.00
  • Reactivation from Retirement:  $700.00
  • Limited License:  $100.00
  • Temporary License:  $250.00