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Nevada Medical Licensing Service

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Nevada Medical Board

Nevada Medical License Requirements & Fees
Nevada Medical License Outlook



  • Properly completed, signed and notarized application, including Applicant Responsibility statement;
  • Recent passport quality photograph (at least 2”x 2”) attached to application;
  • Appropriate explanations and copies of all pertinent documentation must be attached for affirmative responses
    to questions numbered 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12a, 13, 14, 19, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and 33;
  • Release form, signed and notarized (Form A);
  • Proper application, registration, AND criminal background investigation fees – cashier’s check or money order
    made payable to Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners (NSBME) or by credit card as instructed. Credit
    cards will only be accepted by receipt of the signed credit card authorization form.

Note: Application and criminal background investigation fees are non-refundable;

  1. U.S. born citizens: Original or Certified Birth Certificate that bears an original seal or stamp of the issuing
    agency (notarized copies are not acceptable).
  2. Foreign-born citizens: Original Certificate of Naturalization or current U.S. Passport.
  3. Non-U.S. citizens (with legal status):
    Copy of both sides of Alien Registration or Employment Authorization card, or Visa; and
    Copy of foreign passport.
  4.  Non-U.S. citizens (otherwise):
    Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and original ITIN assignment letter from the IRS
    Supporting documentation of identity also required, e.g., Passport, or USCIS, US Military, or
    US State I.D.

Note: FCVS verification packet may provide appropriate “Seal verified” Identity documentation.

  • Self-query response from the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) – see enclosed “Instructions” page. The
    NPDB will send the report directly to you and you will forward the final report to the Board office;
  • FORM B: ONLY if you have answered affirmatively to either of the two malpractice questions on the
    application; Also include:
    • Copy of the legal Complaint
    • Copy of the Settlement and/or filed Dismissal
  • FORM C: ONLY if applying for a license by Endorsement (Endorsement is NOT reciprocity – please refer
    to the “License Description” page of your application for clarification.);
  • FORM D: ONLY if applying for an unlimited license as a Resident currently in a program – you must have
    passed all steps of United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and completed at least 24 months
    of ACGME accredited progressive postgraduate training in the United States or Canada;
  • Copy of American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Board certification certificate(s), copy of ABMS
    Board re-certification certificate(s); Note: FCVS packet may provide a copy of your ABMS certification(s);
  • If you hold “lifetime or historical” ABMS Board certification, submit a notarized statement agreeing to
    maintain your specific Board certification for the duration of your licensure in the state of Nevada;
  • Proof of 4 hours bioterrorism AMA Category 1 continuing medical education (CME) relating to the medical
    consequences of an act of terrorism that involves the use of a weapon of mass destruction. Search for an online
    course “AMA Category 1 bioterrorism continuing medical education” or take a classroom course;
  • Proof of 2 hours AMA Category 1 continuing medical education (CME) in clinically-based suicide prevention
    and awareness;
  • Proof of 2 hours AMA Category 1 continuing medical education (CME) in the screening, brief intervention,
    and referral to treatment approach to substance use disorder.
  • Once the application and criminal background investigation fee have been received, a fingerprint card and
    instructions will be mailed to you. The fingerprint card you receive from the Board contains the necessary
    account numbers required for processing. The completed card must be returned to the Board as well as the
    signed Civil Applicant Waiver (included in your application package) prior to licensure. Note: Receipt of the
    Criminal history background results will not delay licensure.



  • Verification of Medical Education (Form 1) to be completed by medical school(s);
  • Official transcripts from all schools where professional medical instruction was received
    (if transcripts are not in English, a certified original and official English translation is required);
  • Certificate of Completion of Progressive Postgraduate Training (Form 2) to be completed by all
    institutions where any training occurred (internship, residency, fellowship and research fellowship);
  • Verification of postgraduate training Form 2 showing current postgraduate year as “in progress”;
  • Once postgraduate training program has been completed, proof of satisfactory completion of
    progressive postgraduate training (follow-up verification of postgraduate training Form 2) submitted
    directly to the Board from the program within 60 days after the scheduled completion of the program;
  • Residents applying after completion of 24 months of training must meet Nevada’s USMLE
    requirements (see Examination information below);
  • Certification of National Board, FLEX, USMLE, LMCC or SPEX scores – see “Instructions” page.
    For State written examination certification in combination with current ABMS certification, see
    “Instructions” page;
    Note: In the state of Nevada, for United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) a
    person must pass Steps I, II and III of the USMLE within 7 years after the date on which the
    person first passes any step of the USMLE and a person is limited to a combined maximum of
    9 attempts to pass steps I, II, and III and no more than 3 attempts at step III of the USMLE.
  • Certification status report from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
    (ECFMG) – see “Instructions” page;
  • Verification of ABMS Board certification, if applying via state written exam/board certification;
  • Verification of ABMS Board certification, if eligible to apply based on NRS 630.160 (2)(c) or (2)(d);
  • License verification (Form 3) from all states where you are currently licensed or have ever been licensed
    (this does not include training licenses or temporary permits);
  • Malpractice insurance carrier verification (Form 4) to be completed by appropriate entity and returned
    directly by the verifying institution to the Board office and must include the loss history report for any
    and all malpractice cases that occurred within the past 10 years (see Disclaimer below);
  • Verification of hospital privileges (Form 5) to be completed by appropriate entity and returned directly
    by the verifying institution to the Board office if you answered affirmatively to having had any
    disciplinary issues regarding your hospital privileges within the past 10 years (see Disclaimer below);
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