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Connecticut Medical Licensing Service

Fast, Easy & Efficient

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Let DBN licensing professionals help you with your Connecticut  medical licensing!  With over 20 years of experience, we are fast, efficient, and very affordable. Call DBN at 1-866-866-7215 or fill out the form on this page. A Connecticut  medical licensing professional will contact you today! Our prices can’t be beat! Contact DBN today!

Connecticut Medical Board

Connecticut Medical License Requirements & Fees
Connecticut Medical License Outlook

Doctor’s Business Network – Connecticut Medical Licensing Service’s specialization in Licensing of Physicians, osteopathic doctors, residents & much more Medical professionals to the State of Connecticut Licensure applications. The services we provide is collection of your credentials verifications for the purpose of the Connecticut Medical Board, for your Licensing application needs.

Contact Information Medical Board of Connecticut

If you would like more information about, Billing, Credentialing, Healthcare Marketing, Healthcare Websites or other DNB services, please contact us at, call 1-866-866-7215 or fill out the form on this page.

Yes!!! Licensing Services
Only $499!

Call DBN at 1-866-866-7215 or fill out the form below. A DBN Licensing professional will contact you today! Our prices can’t be beat! Contact DBN today!

License Requirements
How to Apply/What Happens Next
  • Apply via the Federation of State Medical Boards’ Uniform Application.
  • Applications must be completed in one sitting.
  • The normal time for processing an application is two to three months.
  • Instructions and forms are available during the process as well as on this page.
  • IMPORTANT:  Application fees are non-refundable, including for applicants who do not meet all qualifications for a license.

What happens next:
  • Email instructions are sent when the application for a certificate of qualification (COQ) is received and processing has begun, including how to access the Check Pending Application web page.
  • Once all items have been received, your status will update to “Pending Board Meeting” and the date of Board consideration is provided.
  • If the COQ is approved (status changes to Approved Pending MLC), apply and pay for your license using this form. Apply for an Alabama Controlled Substance Certificate (optional) at the Licensee Portal. You can do this before you receive license approval.
  • License applications are considered by the Commission at its next meeting. A license number will not be issued until the license application and fee are received.
  • You have six months following COQ approval to apply and pay for the license before your certificate of qualification expires.
  • Non approved applicants will be notified by mail and given further instructions.
  • A wall certificate is mailed to you, and a wallet certificate is available to print at the Licensee Portal.

 Eligibility Requirements


Forms are provided through the Uniform Application and also provided here:

Fees (all fees are non-refundable)
Renewal Requirements
  • All licenses expire on December 31 each year.
  • Renewal period is Oct 1 – Dec 31 (grace period with an additional charge Jan 1 – 31).
  • Reminder emails are sent to the email address of record beginning in October.
  • Renewals are accomplished online using the Licensee Portal beginning on Oct. 1.
  • Be sure the information provided is accurate.
  • NOTE: All lawful aliens/foreign national licensees must submit annually a Declaration of Citizenship and Lawful Presence of an Alien with documentation prior to license renewal. You will not be allowed to renew online or manually until legal presence documentation has been received and approved.


NOTICE: The licensure CME requirement was waived for all licensees for 2020. Licensees are expected to obtain the annual requirement of 25 AMA PRA Category 1 or equivalent credits during 2021.

  • To reinstate an inactive license, download and return a reinstatement application.
  • The cost to reinstate is up to $850, depending on when you were last active.
  • A criminal background check with fingerprinting is required. The fee is $65.
  • Twenty-five Category 1 or equivalent CME credits acquired in the previous 12 months are required.
  • Applicants who have been absent from clinical practice for two years or more may obtain a license by entering into a reentry agreement with the Board (See Board Rules, Chapter 540-X-23, for additional information).
  • For reinstatement of a certificate of qualification that was voluntarily surrendered, use the COQ Reinstatement Application.

Doctors Business Network