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Direct Mail Marketing For Your Medical Practice


With so much attention placed on digital marketing, direct mail marketing often gets lost in the shuffle. While it may seem more labor-intensive and expensive to develop direct mail campaigns for your medical practice, the effort is well worth it. Studies show that direct mail campaigns are becoming more effective precisely because less practices are reaching out to prospective patients through the mail.

Direct mail campaigns can be used to keep in touch with current patients or obtain new patients for your practice. Current patients can receive direct mailings in the form of birthday cards, thank you cards, annual check-up reminders, or special discounts. When using direct mail marketing to find new patients, work with a mailing list broker to target prospects in your local area. By analyzing demographics such as age, gender, education level, and income, you’ll be able to target potential patients who live near your practice.

Be sure to create marketing materials that will appeal to a specific customer segment. For example, a postcard from an OB-GYN clinic targeting 35+ women will look very different from a family practice newsletter targeting middle-aged couples.

Direct mailings are a powerful way to keep current clients engaged while expanding your client base in your local market.

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