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Disability Insurance


What if you were no longer able to practice medicine? Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their jobs and declare bankruptcy due to injury, long-term illness, and other unexpected events. Even though physicians are supposed to be the ones helping the injured and the sick, that doesn’t make them immune to illness themselves. Disability insurance protects you, your family, and your livelihood in the case of accidental injury or illness. Consider how you would practice medicine if you were suddenly confined to a wheelchair, or began to lose your eyesight?

Disability insurance serves as an important backup plan to keep you afloat should the unthinkable happen. Disability insurance is also an important way to protect yourself should one of your employees become injured on or off the job. Finding a replacement, not to mention the cost of a lawsuit, could be expensive, and worker’s compensation may not be enough to protect you. In many cases disability insurance is tax-free, and covers the cost of your student loan payments as well as provides an additional monthly cost-of-living payout.

Today, nearly 20% of the U.S. population is considered disabled by the government. Protect your family and your medical practice by investigating disability insurance today.

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