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How To Lease Office Space For Your Medical Practice


When leasing office space for your medical practice, it’s important to know who to talk to, what questions to ask, and how to make sure your requirements are accurately represented on your commercial office lease.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to make leasing an office space the easiest part of opening your medical practice:

The average realtor simply won’t do. Be sure to hire a broker with medical leasing experience

because they’ll understand the unique real estate requirements of opening and operating a medical practice.

Look for a space convenient to your patients. The fanciest office in the world won’t matter much if it’s in an inconvenient location.

Make sure the building can accommodate after-hours scheduling or other special scheduling needs of your practice. Not all buildings are equipped for 24-hour access, for example, so be sure to lease office space that can accommodate your practice’s schedule.

Make sure the building is ADA compliant. This is especially important when treating patients with disabilities. Ensure that the office space is wheelchair accessible and has an elevator to all upper levels.

Find out if the building’s owner is also a physician, or if the building is owned by a hospital. If it is, you’ll be held accountable to anti-kickback laws and must familiarize yourself with a specific set of policies.

Make sure you’re leasing office space that isn’t in close proximity to a competing medical practice. It’s also a good idea to include an exclusivity clause in your commercial lease, so the landlord cannot rent to a competing practice during the duration of your tenancy.

Take your time and do your research when choosing an office space to lease. Prioritize items into ‘wants” and “needs,” and decide beforehand which are negotiable and which are not.

Don’t be afraid to hold out for the office space that is right for you!

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