The Mystery Of Medical Coding

Medical coding is the first step in the medical billing process. When a patient receives treatment in a doctor’s office, the proper medical codes must be assigned in order to bill the patient or the insurance company. But which medical codes should be assigned in any given case? That’s where your medical coder comes in. […]

The Medical Coding Company That Could

Choosing an experienced medical coding company is one of the most important decisions you can make for your medical practice. A good medical coding company will prevent delays, mistakes, and rejected claims in your medical billing. When choosing a medical coding company, it’s important to find an experienced company that focuses solely on medical coding. […]

How to Create a Draft of the Employee Handbook

Creating a great employee handbook sets the stage for thriving employee relationships within your medical practice. While there are many areas that could and should be included in your employee handbook, here are a few of the most important: The history of your practice and your personal business philosophy Clear details about their “at will […]

What is Money Factoring?

How can your medical practice stay afloat when it takes 30, 60, even 120 days for your customers to pay? The truth is that until you’re running an established practice, it’s very difficult to maintain a positive cash flow. One way around this problem is a process called money factoring. Money factoring allows you

Medical Billing Company to the Rescue!

DR. DONNA is ready to tear her hair out – rejected claims, low reimbursement rates, and coding mistake after coding mistake. Dr. Donna has chosen to fulfill her medical billing needs in house. Unfortunately, Dr. Donna made the mistake of cross-training her nurses, PAs, and other medical staff to complete her medical billing for her. […]

Unlocking the Mysteries of Medical Billing

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Medical Billing

When an unpaid medical bill is mysteriously rejected by the insurance company, Sherlock Doc is on the case! Sherlock Doc knows that medical billing is the process a healthcare provider goes through to submit and follow up on a medical claim with an insurance company. Medical billing is performed by medical billers, who may or […]

Build Or Buy: In-House Medical Coding Vs. Outsourcing

What is the most cost-effective way to conduct medical coding in your healthcare practice? Some doctors choose to hire an in-house medical coder, while others choose to outsource these services to a medical coding company. Those who use in-house coders essentially ‘build’ a medical coding practice within their own healthcare practice. Those who use outsourced […]

Types of Commercial Loans for Buying a Medical Real Estsate

If you’re ready to purchase a commercial building for your medical practice, you have a variety of options for financing the purchase. Doctors and other medical professionals are able to obtain some of the best commercial loan rates in the industry because banks are eager to earn your business. But it’s important to choose a […]

How To Choose A Medical Billing Company

  When choosing a medical billing company, it’s important to line up all the usual suspects. These are the services a medical billing company must provide in order to make outsourcing profitable for your practice. They include… The generation and submission of claims… Carrier follow-up…. Payment processing… Patient support and invoicing… And transfer to collection […]