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Determining Location Options


Choosing the perfect location for your medical practice is key to setting up your business for success.

But the location you choose should never be determined by geography alone.

You should also consider the following questions when determining location options for your new practice:

1. What type of practice are you opening?

Whether private or group-based, the type of practice you’re opening has a lot to do with the type of location you should choose. For instance, a building whose businesses pump loud music all day may not be a good place to open a chiropractic, acupuncture, or psychiatry practice.

2. What are your personal preferences?

Consider your personal working style and preferences when looking at location options. Do want to be surrounded by other businesses and complementary medical practices, or would you prefer a quiet space away from the chatter and foot traffic of others?

Be sure to take your working style and personality into account when determining an office location.

3. Where do your ideal customers live?

Take your target market into account when determining location options.

Look for locations that are not only convenient to the patients you’d like to attract, but that offer a go-to medical destination for underserved communities.

By considering the type of practice you’re opening, personal location preferences, and the needs of your future patients, you are sure to choose the perfect location for your new medical practice.

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