Disability Insurance

What if you were no longer able to practice medicine? Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their jobs and declare bankruptcy due to injury

Build Or Buy: In-House Medical Coding Vs. Outsourcing

In-House v. Outsource Medical Coding

What is the most cost-effective way to conduct medical coding in your healthcare practice? Some doctors choose to hire an in-house medical coder, while others choose to outsource these services to a medical coding company. Those who use in-house coders essentially ‘build’ a medical coding practice within their own healthcare practice. Those who use outsourced […]

The Pros And Cons Of Money Factoring

Money factoring allows your medical practice to maintain a steady cash flow regardless of when your patients are able to pay their bills. Companies called factors will give you up to 90% of the total of an unpaid invoice. Once your customer pays their bill, you’ll be reimbursed the additional 10% minus the factoring company’s […]