What is a Commercial Lease?

Commercial Lease Negotiation

If you choose to rent office space for your medical practice, the terms of your rental agreement will be outlined in a commercial lease. Much like a residential lease, a commercial lease is an agreement between a tenant and a landlord. The main difference is that with a commercial lease, you have permission to conduct […]

How To Choose A Medical Management Firm

As your medical practice grows and changes, your business needs are bound to grow and change as well. That’s why it’s important to choose a medical management firm with the experience and flexibility to guide the choices you make in your practice, both now and in the future. While you may start off hiring a […]

How to Find a Medical Management Firm

In order to find the right medical management firm for you practice, you must first decide what type of management firm is right for you. Some medical management firms solely offer staffing services, while others advise on all aspects of operations, including planning, project management, finance, and contracts. Once you have determined precisely what you […]

What Is Money Factoring?

How can your medical practice stay afloat when it takes 30, 60, even 120 days for your customers to pay? The truth is that until you’re running an established practice, it’s very difficult to maintain a positive cash flow. One way around this problem is a process called money factoring. Money factoring allows you to […]

Leasing Medical Equipment Vs Buying

Should your medical practice buy or lease the medical equipment you need to serve your patients and stay ahead of the competition? Both leasing and buying offer benefits and drawbacks to a new or growing practice. Buying your own medical equipment is the more affordable choice over the long-term in the same way that buying […]

Overhead Business Expenses

If you are in solo practice, this type of insurance is especially important to have. If you were injured or became ill tomorrow,

Leasing Medical Equipment

Leasing medical equipment is a fantastic option for many new and growing medical practices. Leasing allows you to instantly access the equipment and tools you need by paying a monthly rental fee for their ongoing use. Many companies offer physicians equipment and tool rentals as well as the financing they need to obtain those rentals. […]