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What Is A Marketing Mix?


When it comes to effective marketing for your medical practice, one technique is not enough. You need to attack from all sides and create a varied marketing mix that resonates with your target market on multiple levels. There are typically 4 areas of a marketing mix to consider when deciding how best to market your medical practice.

First, think about the Product. The services you provide at your practice need to differentiate you from the competition and serve a strong need within your target market. Your product should have a Unique Selling Proposition that shows how you are different from other doctors and better equipped to serve your patients.

The second ingredient in your marketing mix is Price. Aim too low and you’ll work longer hours for less money, and never be able to make a profit. Aim too high and you’ll prevent prospective patients from seeking your help. Consider what you ideal patient can afford and base your pricing on their needs.

The third element of a marketing mix is Place. The physical location of your office, together with the online ‘real estate’ you’ve claimed with your website, create real and virtual places to connect with and market to your patients. Finding the perfect place is crucial to your practice’s success. The fourth and final element of a marketing mix is Promotion. Promotion includes everything you do to get the word out about your practice, including direct mailings, online marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Don’t be afraid to mix up your marketing mix until you find the perfect recipe for success.

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