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How to Find a Medical Legal Firm

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Determine a Practice Name

Choosing a name for your medical practice could be one of the most important business decisions you ever make.

Choosing a name for your medical practice could be one of the most important business decisions you ever make.
The right name can last a lifetime, establishing your business in the community and facilitating word-of-mouth recommendations.
The wrong name can make you easily forgettable, or damage your reputation before you even get started.
Here are 5 guidelines for finding the perfect name for your practice:

  • #1: Choose a name that’s easy to say out loud. Just because a name looks great on paper doesn’t mean it won’t leave patients tongue-tied when spoken aloud. Opt for something simple to say yet memorable.
  • #2: Choose a name that sets your practice apart by incorporating a benefit or location-specific term. For instance, a practice named “Seattle Family Chiropractic” tells us where the clinic is located and who it’s for.
  • #3: Choose a name that can easily be promoted online. Check that the URL is available and that there is not already another practice in your area with the same exact name.
  • #4: Choose a name that supports the values and style of your personal brand. If you want your practice to come across as warm, friendly, and family-oriented, stay away from cold, clinical names.
  • #5: Choose a name that’s descriptive and fun, such as “24/7 Surgeons” or “The Awesome Optometrist.” A descriptive name will allow you to add associates and partners to your practice without changing your name, brand or image.

Hold out for a practice name that you love, that represents the core values of your brand, and that feels good when you say it out loud.

To learn more about medical billing, insurance, coding, outsourcing, and everything you need to establish a successful healthcare practice, follow all of Sherlock Doc’s adventures on the or Doctors Business Channel on YouTube!

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