Overhead Business Expenses

If you are in solo practice, this type of insurance is especially important to have. If you were injured or became ill tomorrow,

What is Medicare, Medicaid, etc?

In addition to accepting private insurance from your patients, your practice may also want to accept government-sponsored medical insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid. The two programs cover very different populations, so it’s important to understand the differences between them. Medicare offers medical insurance coverage to individuals age 65 and older as well as individuals […]

Insurance Types Needed for a Medical Practice

Types of Medical Insurance Every Doctor Needs

When you think of purchasing insurance for your medical practice, what comes to mind? For many physicians, malpractice insurance is considered the most important type of insurance to have. But as a business owner and a medical professional, there are actually 7 different types of insurance you need in order to protect your practice from […]

Disability Insurance

What if you were no longer able to practice medicine? Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans lose their jobs and declare bankruptcy due to injury


There are many different ways to promote your medical practice without breaking your marketing budget. Start with a welcome kit for new patients. Your kit could include discounts on follow-up visits, coupons to local vendors in your neighborhood, magnets and pens with your practice’s name and address, or incentives for referring a friend. Next, promote […]